Why our price is high ?


Sometimes, After our quotation, Customer says : Your price is so high !!

I have to say, Our price is high, But if you want low price, we could do it, because we are factory ,as long as you could accept the product .


Now I tell you the truth, Why our price is "high"

1 Material :

Different material has differernt price, Even if the same material, different brand has different price,

Generally, We choose the best material for you, If you care about the cost, We could choose normal material for you.

2 Printing:

Different priting machine and differet printing oil can lead differnt printing effect ,

We choose the new printing machine for foreign customer and good printing oil,

This is one reason why the price is high.

          Bad printing                                     Good printing

3 Hand labour :

The experienced worker can make very perfect box, But "freshman" make bad box : 


     Bad handwork                                                          Good handwork


This is why our price is high, But actually, Our box is worth every penny .


Besides ,Some reasons lead to price

1 Quantity:

The more you produce, The cheaper the production cost.

Because some production cost is stable, No matter how many product you want.

2 Box shape:

If the box shape is complicate, The price is high, Because complicate box needs more handwork.

3 Shipping cost:

Paper product is big and heavy, So its air freight is high.

If your quantity is big, we can choose sea transportation.

This can save much cost for customer.



From now on, You understand more about our product and price

So You could say, Your Cost performance is high !