How to make a paper box


1 Material is very important

The good paper is smoooth, good stiffness, It can make your box rigid and luxurious.

Different boxes choose different material ,different thickness,different color.

Tell us why you need box, We can offer you good suggestion about choosing material.


2 Surface dealing

Surface dealing shows your own personality, Make your box unique.


Basic surface  dealing is Varnish&Lamination


Varnish makes your box bright and shining

Lamination keeps your box from water,dust and so on.



Varnish & Lamination have two ways:

Glossy& Matt


Some special surface dealing, Depend on your choice

Spot UV: spot UV looks crystal ,clear,glistering and has a strong stereo feeling at the same
time. The feeling of fashion,personality come to you in a sudden.
Embossing: embossing printing with various convex figure and pattern,show the different
shades of grain appearance , has obvious relief feeling,enhanced stereo feeling and
artistic appeal.
Hot stamping: on the box ,hot stamping can rise to make the finishing point, the role of
prominent design, generally be adopted in Company Logo or product patent.


3 Inside tray:







Different inside tray is for different box,

Tell me your quantity and demand, We can offer suggestion for your box.


4 Box shape:

Different product need different box shape, Please check our product, Maybe you could find

the box shape you like, Or tell me your demand, We can design the box for you.





Tell us your demand ,We can offer the suggestion from the material to the box shape

We wish you have the box which you are satisfied